Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Attitudes of Young India

The survey was conducted by ‘One Young World’ to assess attitudes of young Indians. Findings are as follows:
-       72% have more faith in global business than they do in world politics
-       64% think global business is doing more to reduce poverty than governments
-       63% think big business promotes positive ethics and social values
-       75% say methods of scrutinizing public servants in India are not strong enough
-       84% think that politics in India needs major reforms
-       84% believe businesses that make profit must provide social benefits
-       76% think business should play a central role in relieving poverty (It is because of this demand that most successful businesses of the future will be those that are most socially responsible because they will derive huge benefits from consumers/employees/media who will become powerful advocates for them)
-       84% feel online social media will change global media landscape
-       79% have ambition to run their own business
-       70% feel that they will work only for companies that share their ethics

Source: “Amid turbulent politics, businesses can lead”, David Jones, Mint 20/8/2011.

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