Saturday, 2 June 2012

Blog success in CSE 2011(Mains)

As a self-gratifying exercise I am just reviewing how many issues covered in my blog were actually asked in the GS question papers of 2011 CSE (mains) or how many of the articles could have contributed to answering the questions. So here goes...

GS Paper I
1. Q on "Telecom Ministry's proposed Spectrum Management Commission" (5 mks): S-band Spectrum
2. Q on Rahim Fahimuddin Khan Dagar (2 mks) - Personalities page
3. Q on V.Tejeswini Bai (2 mks) - Personalities page

GS Paper II
1. Q on " Strategic and Economic importance of Central Asian Republics to India" (20 mks) : India and SCO 
2. Q on "...implications of 'string of pearls' theory" (20 mks). The following articles could have contributed
     - Chinese influence in Myanmar
     -  China-Bangladesh
     -  China- India
3. Q on "SAFTA vs. BIMSTEC" (20 mks). India-Myanmar could have contributed.
4. Q on "importance of SME Expo and Conference in Dubai for Indian business" (12 mks) : MSME
5. Q on "political and economic relationship between India and South Africa" (12 mks) : India and Africa
6. Q on "melting of Arctic sea ice" (12 mks) : India and Arctic
7. Q on " strategic interests replacing commercial interests in Cam Ranh Bay" (12 mks) : Controversies in South China Sea
8. Q on "INSPIRE programme of DoS&T" : Science research in Indian universities

Its interesting for me to note that I have shown greater interest in Foreign Affairs which could have definitely helped in Paper II. This time I need to also focus attention on India-specific issues which will impact Paper I. 


  1. You forgot a 2 marker - MABEL Robot - I could answer that because I had read that at your blog only :)

  2. :) Yeah I thought that MABEL robot was there on my blog along with SAGA-220, but I didnt note it cause I couldnt find the links. I think in transferring info from the Sc&Tech Page into posts, i must have omitted them cause they were asked in the exam.
    Vaise am very glad that my work is proving beneficial to others too.