Friday, 27 July 2012

After Nehru - by Perry Anderson

Dear Friends,

I have come across a very insightful article on the developments of Indian institutions at the time of independence- for eg: the parliamentary system, first-past-the-post electoral system, why the impoverished indian masses have not overthrown the elite representatives etc.- all in all I would recommend it as a must read- it is very long and sentences too are long- but please persist in your effort to read this.

Also regarding more pubad question papers and answer keys, the blog cant support big size photos and there may be problems in visibility. So there are two options- either I post the photos, or shall i just upload them on some file-sharing site and post the link here. Please tell me which is the more convenient option. And you could also recommend a file-sharing website.



  1. You can upload them in google drive folder and put a link here ... that would be easy for all and thanx for your efforts

  2. if you want to put it on blog itself, you can upload it onto and embed the same in your blog.