Friday, 19 October 2012

Blog Success-2012 Mains Optionals

Hello comrades,

I am so happy that the blog has assisted in your preps in some manner. Thank you for your comments and all the wishes. I too wish that all your scores are propelled skywards and you feature prominently in the final list.

Many of you have expressed interest in knowing my views about the papers- am truly flattered and humbled. I too want to analyse the questions papers-and present my view. Its just that when I started that effort, I felt quite blank, as if my mind was resisting attempts to revisit the papers and my performance [maybe i was subconsciously scared that i will discover so much that i could have written and what i shouldn't have] :) So give me a couple of days and in the meantime I am going to analyse the optionals. This effort too is throwing up a lot of info which was on my blog, and which unfortunately didnt strike me in the exam. So here goes...


4(b) Should media exposure be included in rules for administrative accountability in India? [15mks]
Media and Democracy
Factors influencing government responsiveness
-these posts could have helped in saying that media furthers democracy and ensuring administrative accountability to media can strengthen democracy in various ways. The example of Manipur could be effectively used.

4(c) Role of civil society in facilitating administrative accountability wrt 'Janlokpal' issue. [15mks]
Neoliberal reforms and democracy - a point could have been, how the state is moving from provider to facilitator guided by neoliberalism- and in this context maintaining administrative accountability becomes even more relevant, because of the indirect nature of accountability perpetuated by neoliberalism and NPM .

7(b) Does SHG movement adequately address absence of women in the former mainstream development agenda. [20mks]
Self help groups - This answer mainly required a comparison of "women in development" and "gender and development" approach. This post could have helped to show how SHGs are empowering women politically as well, thus making them agenda-setters as well, and not just recipients of  development aid. The other article of the post could have shown the counter-point of how even SHGs are failing their potential.
Kulandei Francis
NRLM - by reorienting focus of poverty alleviation programmes from aid-giving to empowerment, NRLM puts the poor at the centre of programmes aimed at them. Women are perceived as major change-makers in this programme.

8(b) Distinguish between e-Government and e-Governance. [15mks]
E-governance and corruption in states
Collaborative governance in theory and practice
Public participation and organizational performance


1(c) Critically examine variables in the composition and functioning of Cabinet Commitees. [12mks]
Coordination mechanisms in GOI

5(e) PRIs are still affected by state control and domination by bureaucracy. Do you agree. [12mks]
Panchayats and democratic decentralisation

8(a) Compare and contrast Padmanabhaiah, Ribeiro and Mallinath Committee reports. [25mks]
Police reform debates in India-summary  - post has some points from Padmanabhaiah and Ribiero committee reports.


5(d) Citizenship and civil society [12mks]
Civil society and politics - to show how philosophy of state is changing from provider to enabler, thus changing citizen to consumer-and how 'new politics' of civil society is keeping step with this change.
Neoliberal reforms and democracy

8(a) How do formal and informal organization of work influence labour's mobility.  [20mks]
Definitions of unorganized sector
Women and work


2(c) Social and cultural determinants of sexual division of labour. [14mks]
Women and work

3(a) Impact of secularization on various religious communities of India. [30mks]
Secularism without secularization

3(b) How has geographic and economic mobility impacted tribal culture and social structure? [30mks]
Social stratification-case studies

8(b) Do you think that some policies and laws relating to environment have retarded the development process?How can an ideal balance between environmental protection and developmental goals be brought about? [30mks]
Hedgehogs and foxes-growth vs. environment debate
National Green Tribunal


  1. Which resources would you suggest for compulsory question 1 in Pub.Ad. 2012? Many of the thinkers were not mentioned in the standard textbooks. Thanks

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