Friday, 21 December 2012

Heylo & Online Sociology Course

Dear Friends,

I expect you all must have had a good break after the exams and most of you may have begun prep again. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do this. And I have been inactive on the blog front too. For those of you who have been checking the blog for new posts (esp Ramesh who wrote in)- am sorry for the lack of response. But I seek your indulgence for a little more time. I will be active from January onwards for certain.

Meanwhile, I have come across an online course on "Introduction to Sociology". This is not tailored to our syllabus but it seems as if it will help us understand how to apply sociology better- and given the increasing emphasis on application-based questioning, I think it will be useful. Do check it out. The website has other interesting courses too.

Else all well. Take care. Ciao.



  1. Hi , Thanks for this posts link :) .. I have joined a few courses of my other interests as well.

    Could you please an article elaborately on
    How you gathered topics of relevance and suggestions for GS :) .

  2. Hey!

    Can you please provide us with a detailed strategy for sociology?
    What all books, magazines, notes etc. to be covered?
    U joined anything for tests etc.?


    Kartik (earlier commented as anonymous)