Saturday, 11 May 2013

Adieu et Bon Chance

Hello Friends and Comrades,

Where do I start? The results have been out for a week now. I was unable to make the list. 

Nonetheless I do hope many of  you did, and scored the rank you aspired for. I would love to hear from all of you. 

As for me- I shall henceforth serve to "safeguard the economic frontiers of the country", as we in Customs and Central Excise love to say. :) I am enjoying the training till now and there is a renewed enthusiasm for the service, since it has been determined that I shall be part of it for the foreseeable future. Training keeps me rather busy and I was unable to contribute to the blog much, as you all do know. Thankyou for dropping me messages from time to time and am sorry I wasn't very responsive. Well...2013 brings my sojourn with the CSE to a close, and with it this Blog too. But before moving on from this chapter of my life, I wish to register my experience about the Blog.

I must say writing this blog was a very educative and enriching experience. I was able to interact with so many more people than I would have otherwise. It was always exciting to receive a new comment or see that someone has taken the trouble to register as a member. In the first month of writing this blog, way back in July 2011 (tis not all that way back but certainly seems like a long time away), my excitement would stem from how many hits the site would receive. And at the end of everyday I would proudly proclaim to my family members that so many people visited my site. Initially it was about 10-15. But, then I used to wonder why people from US or UK or Germany are visiting the site. But such are the joys of ignorance- I was shortly informed, by those better informed in tech matters, that most of those hits were bots. That was a very grim day I must say. :D . 

Writing my 100th post was a big achievement. I was a little surprised that blogging kept me interested for such a long time. But as I said earlier it was a very educative experience. With every issue I would pick up, my effort would be to understand it holistically- and for this I would go from article to article till I got the picture. It was a very  time-consuming process indeed. I remember that I spent an entire day to write the post on the US sovereign debt crisis. Additionally, the excitement was fueled by  how one picture would lead to another. In this process there were several aha moments.:) I think that was what kept me hooked to this process. 

Preparing a post for publishing meant for me- cogent presentation. There was a lot of recut-repaste of paras and a re-writing that I would do.  Part of this presentation was referencing. Indicating sources of info was vital to establish its veracity to the reader. Formatting was another major pique with me- I would spend so much time just de-highlighting lines, spacing, changing font sizes etc. These were the more drudgerous activities involved with blogging- but were necessary for my peace of mind. And lo and behold, there were small achievements there too- like discovering that <br /> represented a whole blank line- let me tell you, for an Arts major the first step to understanding html was a giant leap.

There were certain areas of great interest for me. International affairs, Culture, and Economy- the first two as they genuinely interested me and the latter cause I didn't understand zilch. :) These also might be the posts  which continue to be of some use in this year. Culture stays the same, and so does some of the Environment related info. There are also a few case studies relating to PubAd and Socio- these will continue to be of relevance.

All in all this has been a wholesome experience. Although I did not make the end, I certainly learnt a great deal in the process. Understanding GS issues and presenting them on this blog kept my interest alive in the exam. One can perhaps wonder if one spent an inordinate amount of time on the blog- it may not be altogether too far from the truth. I must admit the optionals seemed so uninviting to me. Reading the same registers, books and notes a third time was just unpalatable. In that vein, I think I would have enjoyed prepping in the current format more. But then writing the CSE a third time was one time too many. My socio prof, Mr. Mahapatra (teaches socio at Vajiram) said to me in the first year of my prep:
First Attempt, you Appear,
Second Attempt, you Re-appear, and
Third Attempt, you Disappear
I can say in hindsight this has proved true for me. I cleared in the first attempt and could not improve my chances after that.  But, I wouldn't have it any other way. :) Now, I can say goodbye to UPSC with peace.

With this, I wish you all the very best- in this exam and in life. Thankyou for being part of my journey and for including me in yours.

With much love and gratitude,

Spurthi Reddy
11th May, 2013.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It was very helpful. Best wishes for a successful career in the customs.

  2. Thanks for all the great work!! and all the best for your future in guarding economic frontiers of the country...............chiao

  3. Hello Ma'am,
    I have been a regular follower of your blog. I appreciate your effort in presenting tough & uninteresting topics in such a lucid manner. You have guided us in ways a true mentor does. We are going to miss you a lot. If possible, keep this blog alive.
    All the very best for your future endeavor.


  4. First Attempt, you Appear,
    Second Attempt, you Re-appear, and
    Third Attempt, you Disappear

    And on the Fourth Attempt, your News appear [Haritha. V wins 1st rank on 4th attempt]

    Thank u for all ur help.

  5. I was wondering where have you been...reading the blog was such a pleasure :)
    best of luck in life and yes you ll b misssed ...

  6. Thankyou everyone for all the appreciation and the good wishes and the encouragement to write it again too (@manukoleth) :).

    I would like to say one additional thing with respect to the last. Haritha is my batchmate in Customs and the one thing she has consistently done is keep her scores up in the Mains-written. She has not allowed the repetition of the exam to dampen her commitment to it. In 2011 exam also she scored 1000+ in mains but couldnt do well in interview, so she still got a rank in 200s. This time she has continued her good performance in mains and also aced the interview. So the lesson from Haritha's experience is that reappear only if you feel that you can do justice to another attempt, and once you decide to reappear- sustain the commitment.

    Good luck

  7. Hello spurthi,

    Sorry about the result. Can you share details of your interview and what might have gone wrong. You have been a torch bearer, and do you have to discontinue writing in this blog? I know its unfair, but please rethink about it.

    Thanks anyways

  8. Hi. Sharing interview details-Sure. Actually I started writing it out and then sort of paused and never finished writing it. Will post whatever i wrote out and will try and finish it.
    I know the blog is useful- but I have lost my drive for it. :) So am sorry dont want to promise something that i cannot fulfill.

    Best wishes

  9. Thank you for the time you have taken to share the information you know. Appreciate your efforts. This bolg has been very helpful for me. I would like request you to keep this blog alive.

  10. Firstly, a big thank you for the guidance you have provided through this wonderful blog. I must say, this year UPSC has gone bonkers with its irrational marking process. The system's incapability to bring parity among different optionals means losing out on well deserving candidates.
    You might have missed out on IAS but maybe life has a better script to offer. I wish you luck happiness in your future endeavors.

    And needless to say your blog shall be missed. Ciao!

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  12. Thankyou Karthik and Roshan. Wish you the best in evrything.

  13. Thanks a lot Spurthy for such awesome blog.
    It is sad that you have decided to stop writing it.
    I sincerely wish best of luck for your future adventures.

  14. Thankyou and Good luck to you too Nishad.