Saturday, 3 September 2011

Green India Mission


WHAT   - It is one of the 8 missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change.
-       Aims at doubling the area of afforestation area to 20 million hectares
-       Increase the GHG removals by India’s forests to 6.35% of total GHG emissions by 2020
-       Enhance the resilience of forests/ecosystems- to improve groundwater recharge, biodiversity value, minor forest produce- which will also support forest-dependent communities.
-       Stress on improving quality of forests and not just quantity. Thus increase cover and density of medium and degraded forests.
-       Take a holistic view of forests to consider biodiversity conservation and enhancement, restore ecosystems of grasslands, mangroves, wetlands. It is not confined to traditional plantation forestry method that
-       Active participation of local communities in conservation and afforestation.
-       Engage citizens and civil society in designing the Mission.

National Consultation Document on National Mission for Green India, June 2011, MoEF

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