Monday, 5 September 2011

Integrated Check-Post Project

The ICP project, is part of the government of India's initiative for better border management to put in place systems which address both security concerns, as well as facilitate cross-border trade and commerce.

An ICP is envisaged to discharge sovereign functions of security checking, immigration, customs and quarantine. It will also have facilities for smooth cross-border movement of persons, goods and transport like dedicated passenger and cargo terminal, service stations, fuel stations etc. An institutional framework viz. Land Ports Authorities of India (LPAI) will be established and charged with the responsibility to undertake the construction, management and maintenance of ICPs. 2

The 11th Plan provided for an initial outlay of Rs.635  crore during the plan period to set up 13 ICPs on the borders between India and Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Myanmar. Recently FinMin Chindambaram laid the foundation stone of ICP at the India-Bangladesh international border. The setting up of the ICP would augment trade relations and tourism and result in rapid multiplication of the bilateral trade volume. Seven of the 13 ICPs will be set up on the India-Bangladesh border. This is also a sign of improving relations and future prospects of trade between the two neighbours.

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