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Congress Sessions and notable activities

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Year     Venue       President           Remark

1885   Mumbai     W.C.Bannerjee      72delegates
1886   Kolkata      Dadabhai Naroji    436delegates
1887   Chennai     Badruddin Tyabji   First Muslim President
1888   Allahabad   George Yule         First English President
1889   Mumbai      Sir William Wedderbum 1889 delegates
1892   Allahabad   W.C. Bannjerjee
1895   Poona        Surendranath Bannerji
1905   Lahore       G.K. Gokhale
1906   Kolkata      Dadabhai Naroji
1907   Surat        Rashbehari Ghosh     Congress split and session broke up
1908   Chennai     Rashbehari Ghosh  A constitution for the Congress
1915   Mumbai     Sir S.P. Sinha
1916   Lucknow    A.C.Majumdar       Congress Merger and Pact with MuslimLeague
1917   Kolkata       Mrs.Annie Besant   First Woman president
1920   Nagpur       C. Vijaya Raghavachariyar Change the constitution the Congress
1922   Gaya         C.R. Das                Formation of Swaraj Party
1924   Begaon      Mahatma Gandhi     First time he became Indian President
1925   Cawnpore  Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
1927   Chennai     M.A. Ansari          Independence Resolution Passed for the first time on the instance of J.L. Nehru
1928   Kolkata      Motilal Nehru        First All India Youth Gongress
1929   Lahore       Jawaharlal Nehru    Poona Swaraj Resolution
1931   Karachi      Vallabhbhai Patel    Resolution on Fundamental Rights and National Economic Policy
1934   Mumbai      Rajendra Prasad     Formation of Congress Socialist party
1936   Lucknow    Jawaharlal Nehru
1937   Faizpur      Jawaharlal Nehru First session to be held in a village
1938   Haripura     Subhash Chandra Bose
1939   Tripuri        Subhash Chandra Bose    Resignation of S.C. Bose (Rajendra Prasad took over) and formation of power Block
1946   Meerut       Jawahar Lal Nehru
1947                    J.B. Kriplani 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. In 1946 The President was Acharya J.B.Kriplani. 1947 meeting could not be held.

    1948 Jaipur Pattabhi Sitaramayya