Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bon Chance!

Hello Friends,

Writing in to wish you all good luck and the rest...:) Have a great exam.

There will be a few surprises, so dont be fazed by them. Enjoy the writing process-but take care not to get emotional about certain questions and devote unwanted time on it :)

GS paper: no matter how well you prepare, its never enough, so take the questions you dont know anything about in your stride. Try and write something intelligible about most questions that you can make sense of. But dont irritate the examiner. I did 100mark ka hawabazi last time- didnt work for me :( But the plan stays the same this year, just hope to be more sensible.

Stats: agar abhi bhi taiyari shuru nahi ki hai, to kar lo ji. High scores in GS depends on performing well in Stats and it isnt too difficult. Dont forget to take a calculator (and practice on it before-hand), also protractor for making Pie-diagrams if required etc.

Also, for Indian language paper, I always find myself short of time- so if that is the case with you, plan your paper well. I think the english-to-language translation takes a lot of time and is only for 20mks. The precis writing is for 60mks. So, last time I decided to finish precis writing first, and didnt mind not completing the translation. I am writing this from memory, so just refer to the language question paper once. Also you will have to do 2 translations, and precis writing has to be done in separate sheets , wherein one word has to be inserted in one box (for first timers :)). Baaki most people with english-medium find it tough, so dont be too troubled by the paper. But still devote some time to prepare for it.

Hmm...those with sufficient break between optionals- you are lucky blokes- good luck to you and the rest of us too. Aur baaki badhiya...have a productive last 5 days.

And see you all after the exams.




  1. Hey good luck to you also :). hope this blog remains after mains also when people like us have more time to interact :)

  2. All the best to you too Spurthi. All that _punya_ from this blog should help you :)

  3. :D isi punya ka bharosa hai. aap sabhi ke ashishon se hee meri naiyan paar lagne vali hai. so pray for me.

  4. It like UPSC Encyclopedia! You have definitely put a lot work in this. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.

    Thou shalt pass!

    All the very best to you.

  5. Thanks a lot Spurthi for this awesome blog.. Wish u luck.. :)

  6. Thank you for the blog.Very rare to see altruism among ppl these days.
    Hoping for a good strike rate(as I have solely based my prep on ur blog)
    All the best.

  7. Thankyou everyone for the wishes. I too am wishing for a good strike-rate :)

    @ Kartika- thanks for the inputs on drug patents and specially on the personnel admn front-very interesting and easy to remember as well.