Saturday, 8 September 2012

Garowe Principles

The Garowe Principles were a set of agreements between the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia and various Somali stakeholders outlining a framework for the interim administration's scheduled political transition in August 2012 to a permanent, representative government.  The first set of principles were agreed in December 2011. They are, Garowe I:
  • downsizing the national parliament
  • creating a bicameral federal legislature
  • assuring women at least 30% of parliament seats
  • establishing a national constituent assembly to oversee implementation of the principles.
A few additions were made to this set of principles at the second conference held in February 2012. Garowe II.
  • reaffirming the Garowe I Principles
  • the establishment of federal states as referenced in the Transitional Federal Charter of 2004
  • deciding the status of Mogadishu by a federal parliament 
  • recognizing Puntland as a founding federal state.
Together these principles are called the Garowe Principles. 
I recommend everyone to read the wikipedia article on Somalia, starting from the section on Somali Civil War. This is so that you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the trajectory of political developments. In the past GS questions have referred to past developments (eg: in 2010 they asked the question "Has the February agreement between the Sudanese govt and Justice and Equality Movement been more successful in ending the strife in Darfur, than the Abuja peace agreement of 2006. Evaluate.) 
- Spurthi

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