Thursday, 13 September 2012

Brainstorming 2012: Economy

Hello Friends,
Hoping your prep is accelerating towards its destination. :) Please find below a list of important topics. Due to paucity of time, I have poached the list-apparently it is from Vajiram (a premier coaching institute in Delhi). Topics in red ink have related posts in this blog. Please search under the labels: 'Economy' or 'Economic Survey 2012.' Apart from this list too there are many posts in the blog- hope they are useful to you.
Keep your spirits high

Vajiram's List of important topics in Economy section:

  • GAAR (and report of Shome committee)
  • Rupee depreciation
  • Current account deficit
  • BRICS summit
  • Pension reforms
  • Stagflation
  • FDI in Pharma
  • tobin tax
  • Food security
  • IMF reforms
  • Plan non plan distinction in India
  • Participatory notes
  • NBFCs in the context of gold loans
  • Fiscal consolidation
  • New Manufacturing policy
  • 12th plan approach paper
  • report of committee on black money
  • Food inflation and inflation in general
  • GST and DTC
  • Index of industrial production IIP
  • Financial inclusion
  • Tax havens and DTAA
  • MFN status (India - Pakistan)
  • Prevention of money laundering act PMLA [Read International Money Laundering Information Network
  • Infrastructure debt funds
  • Swavalamban
  • Effective revenue deficit
  • Insider trading
  • Marginal Standing Facility
  • credit default swaps
  • CRIS
  • Phillips curve


  1. Superbbbbb......
    Would you be adding for other topics too ????

  2. Hi Shekhar,
    I am not sure if i would be adding any further topics, depends if i find other material i can poach :)certainly not any original compilation because of no time. I hope you have taken a look at the previous posts under this label: "Brainstorming 2012"- pertaining to geography, IR, and personalities.
    Good luck for the exams

  3. deependra shekhawat14 September 2012 at 15:59

    hello spurthi, i am a regular follower of ur blog and must admit that this is one of the most reliable and informative blog on upsc i had ever encountered. ur in customs and i wish this year u will get IAS but please carry on this effort as this is going to help a lot of aspirants. thanks a lot..........

  4. Hi Deependra,
    Thankyou for writing in and the appreciation. Am glad to be of assistance.
    Best wishes for the exam. Hope you get your first-choice in this exam itself.