Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Issues in US-China relationship

  1. Yuan exchange rate
  2. Human rights in China: Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng sought refuge in US embassy
  3. How to deal with N.Korean nuclear ambitions
  4. China's claims on South-China Sea and freedom to use waters for navigation etc. Other territorial disputes in the area, and US involvement. The US has military facilities located in Singapore and the Philippines and its army has a good working relationship with the Malay and Thai military forces. Coupled with US Navy regular patrols in the South China Sea, which Beijing considers to be under its jurisdiction, the stage could be set for military conflict between the US and China. A clash between the USNS Impeccable and five Chinese ships in March 2009 seems to confirm this assertion.[]   
  5. US' 'Asian Pivot' strategy and concerns in China []

Anything else I am forgetting? 


  1. 6. Trade deficit, Dumping and anti-dumping, Safety of Indian businessmen in China
    7. Border issues - Chumbi valley widening may threaten Silliguri Corridor
    8. Dam on Brahmaputra and its impact on India.
    9. Sino Indian rivalry in Maldives - China intereted in developing Maldives' 2nd International airport at Hanimaadho. India announces a ferry service.

  2. Hi Ramesh, Thanks for your input, but these are India-China issues, whereas I am asking about US-China issues.
    Have added your points in the relevant post.[Brainstorming 2012:Foreign Relations]
    Good luck to you

    1. I am so sorry...I wrote it thinking(without seeing??) Indo-China.

      Anyways. I would like to add a couple of points:
      1. US-Australia Military deal has been renewed in Nov 2011 and made the South-Asian countries more assertive in their disputes with China.
      2. Counter-military exercises to US-Japan were held in April 2012 between Russia-China(source
      3. Iranian angle- China biggest purchaser of Iran crude and US is adamant on bombing it ostensibly over nuclear aspirations.

      Thanks for your invaluable post and all the best!