Friday, 2 March 2012

Great Green Wall Project

This project is pan-African initiative launched by the African Union in 2007. The goal is to create a wall of trees — 15 km wide and 7,600 km long — on the southern border of Sahara desert from Dakar to Djibouti. Aim is to help slow desertification of the Sahel zone (transition zone between Sahara in the north and African savannahs in the south). Eleven countries are participating, but Senegal, where 535 km of the wall are planned, is the first country where the project is starting to take shape. The Great Green Wall will not only stop desertification, but safeguard water resources, provide energy resources, minor forest produce to support local economic development. Funding for the project has been received from various govts, NGOs, private entrepreneurs etc.  
In the recent Africa- India Summit 2011 held in Addis Ababa, India extended support to this project.

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