Friday, 2 March 2012

National Knowledge Network (NKN)

The NKN is a state-of-the-art multi-gigabit pan-India network for providing a unified high speed network backbone for all knowledge related institutions in the country. The NKN will enable scientists, researchers and students from different backgrounds and diverse geographies to work closely for advancing human development in critical and emerging areas.

The purpose of such a knowledge network is to aid the country's quest to build quality institutions with requisite research facilities and create a pool of highly trained persons. It is an accepted fact that the key to successful research today demands live consultations, data sharing and resource sharing. Therefore in order to optimally utilise the potential of institutions engaged in generation and dissemination of knowledge in various areas, it is important to connect them through a high speed broadband network. The NKN while impacting the existing academic and student community will also alter the R&D landscape for future generations.

Applications: Distance Education, Virtual Library, E-governance, sharing of computing resources, collaborative research. Other specific projects include:
GARUDA- nationwide computational grid which connects over 50 institutions and provides Grid computing to research labs, industries and academic institutions.
OSDD (open source drug discovery)- open source model on healthcare to make drug discovery for infectious/ neglected diseases, cost effective and affordable to the people of the developing 

[Compiled from the NKN website]  

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