Monday, 26 March 2012

MARS500 Experiment

Mars-500 is a psychosocial experiment conducted by Russia, Europe and China in preparation for manned spaceflight to the planet Mars. The experiment was intended to yield valuable psychological and medical data on the effects of the planned long-term deep space mission. The experiment permitted the study of the technical challenges, work capability of crew and management of long-distance spaceflight. Communications lag, autonomy, resource rationing, health, conditions of isolation and hermetically closed, confined environment, are the main peculiarities of the Martian flight. 

In 2004, preparation for a mission to Mars began with discussions resulting in the Mars-500 experiment, complimenting contemporary research on-board the ISS. The experiment's facility is located in Moscow.

Between 2007 and 2011, a crew of volunteers lived and worked in a mock-up spacecraft. The final stage of the experiment, which was intended to simulate a 520-day manned mission. The experiment helped plan the interplanetary mission, identifying possible problems and solutions. 


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