Thursday, 30 August 2012

Brainstorming 2012: Health

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There are three components of Health that are specified in the syllabus. They are highlighted in red. Looking forward to all your inputs.

Management of Public Health
- any epidemics that have occurred over the past year.
-Nodding Disease (not India but still relevant)
- Vaccination and Immunisation: programmes and policies
- Zero new-incidence of Polio- what that means, and what are the new challenges for public health
-availability of healthcare: stats on nos of doctors per persons etc.
- insurance route to healthcare- RSBY, Rajiv Arogyashree (AP)
- Reccos of the Srinath Reddy committee on healthcare
- organ donation

Health Education
- separate degree for rural doctors
- compulsory assignment in rural areas
- problem of few MD seats
- need to integrate medical education with societal needs
- 'medical humanities'- reintroducing humanity subjects in curricula to address the emotional and psychological aspects of medical training, which is not taken care of by the science subjects. This will address the deteriorating quality of patient-care. Sypathising with patients is critical to the healing process, especially in long-term illnesses.

Ethical concerns regarding healthcare, medical research and pharmaceuticals
- clinical trials and controversies around them [Refer Clinical trials]
- Surrogacy- legal gaps and exploitation.

Health terms (basically any new element that is being touted in advertisements :))- This is not mentioned but noting it from experience-Spurthi
- Flavanoids
-Omega3 Fatty Acids
-Free Radicals and Anti oxidants

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