Tuesday, 28 August 2012

PubAd Questions: Organizations + Public Undertakings + Plans and Priorities


1. Comment in 200 words. 20x3=60mks
a. All organizations must deal with uncertainty. The uncertainty may spring from internal or external sources
b. Obviously being able to change, innovate and alter or adapt is vital to any form of life and organizations are no exception.
c. Corporation form of public enterprises/organizations are an innovation of the 20th century in the field of administrative institutions.

2 a. Can the closed and open model of organizations be reconciled? and if so how? Explain. 30mks
b. From Scientific management to behaviouralism every theory has attempted to develop "one best way" to manage organizations. However it was finally considered that there is no one best way. Examine. 30mks

3 a. Headquarters should have field knowledge and field offices should have knowledge of headquarter requirements. Comment. 30mks
b. Public-Private Partnerships in infrastructure development is necessary evil. Comment. 30mks

4 a. Often regulatory authorities are criticized for being dictatorial in their decision-making. Are there any examples to prove this criticism. 30mks
b. Adhoc and Advisory bodies in the administrative systems are useless psychophants. Comment. 30 mks

5. Comment on the following in 200 words. 20x3=60mks
a. India will have to bolster its public enterprises for the nation's growth rate to reach pre-crisis levels. 
b. Live private companies, do PSUs have CSR? Should it be made compulsory?
c. Company form of public enterprises are more preferred by the government. But this preference is anti-socialistic.

6 a. The policy of the GoI towards autonomy of public enterprises is proving successful. 30mks
b. The impact of liberalization over the public enterprises is multifarious. Explain. 30mks

7 a. The National Development Council is no more a Super Cabinet. Explain. 30mks
b. Planning in a capitalist economy is considered impossible. But India has made is possible. How? 30mks

8 a. Planning at the national level does not find its place in the Constitution. However it is constitutionalised at the local level to empower the local communities. How has the 12th FYP approach paper provided for this?
b. Planning Commission has to partner State governments' planning boards to collectively improve the Nation's planning process  in the 12th Plan. Examine. 30mks

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