Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Kapilavastu relics

The Kapilavastu relics  are bone fragments considered sacred by Buddhists. The relics were discovered in 1898 and are from a site believed to be the ancient city of Kapilavastu.

The relics travelled most recently to Sri Lanka (August 2012) where they were accorded a grand reception.  This is the biggest event in Sri Lanka in recent times. The only celebration that came close was that held to mark the defeat of the Tamil Tigers in May 2009. 

The relics are housed in the National Museum in Delhi. Taking into consideration their inestimable value and delicate nature, the authorities in India had decided that the relics would remain as a venerable object at the National Museum of India in New Delhi and not be taken outside India. But a special exception was made to send them to Sri Lanka, following a request by Mr. Rajapakse in June 2010.

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