Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Pacific Island countries

The Pacific Island countries are small islands, located west of Australia in the Pacific Ocean, having limited economic resources and small populations. Our interaction with them so far has been limited. They have been supportive of our initiatives at the U.N. and other multilateral fora, including our bid for the Permanent seat at the UNSC

Our interaction with Pacific Island countries (PICs) may be seen in the context of an extension of our Look East Policy, and our growing role in international affairs, as well as the importance of these countries in climate change negotiations, and their traditional support to India in U.N. and Commonwealth elections and on most issues. In some of the countries, there is an Indian origin 
community and in some viable business opportunities exist,’’ added the official note.

The Pacific Islands Forum is an inter-governmental organization that aims to enhance cooperation between the independent countries of the Pacific Ocean. It was founded in 1971. 

India and Pacific Island countries
India has increased its annual Grant-in-Aid to US$125,000 to each of the Pacific Island Countries for their economic development.  (Aug 2012)
Assistance includes supply of equipment and materials for social and economic programmes and for sustainable development initiatives; capacity building courses on Small and Medium Enterprise promotion, training courses for diplomats by Foreign Service Institute of India and scholarships for higher studies in different centres of academic excellence in India. 
India also offers wide ranging technical expertise in non-conventional energy sources, especially wind and solar energy, software and tele-communications. 


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