Wednesday, 29 August 2012

PubAd Questions: Rural Development + Urban Governments

1. Answer the following in not more than 200 words. 20x3=60mks
a. NRLM is the new beginning in the rural development strategies. Comment. [Refer NRLM post]
b. How far is Glocalisation a useful method for development of urban areas?
c. New Localism is the implementation of NPM at the local level. Explain.

2. a. What are the recent policies of the Ministry of Urban development for Urban development? 30mks
b. What are the major recommendations of the ARCII on Municipal Governance? 30mks

3 a. For Indian cities to become growth-oriented and productive, it is essential to achieve a world-class urban system. This in turn depends on attaining efficiency and equity in the delivery and financing of urban infrastructure. How will this be done?  30mks
[Refer Ishar Ahluwalia's report on financing urbanisation &  Need to develop small and medium cities]
b. Nothing has been achieved with 33% reservation for women in local bodies. What is the rationale of increasing the reservation from 33% to 50%? 30mks.

4. Write short notes on the following: 20x3=60mks.
a. Common provisions of 73rd and 74th Amedments.
b. ARCII on the structure of PRIs
c. Imrpoving local planning.

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