Wednesday, 29 August 2012

PubAd Questions: Financial Administration + Financial Management

1. Comment on the following in 200 words 20x3=60mks
a. Deficit Finance is useful for development. If it is used in excess it creates flaws in the economy. How to handle it properly depends upon the limitations imposed.
b. Public debts are both developmental and anti-developmental.
c. Fiscal Policy influenced the direction of economy through changes in government taxes and expenditure method.

2. a. How far is it true that there is a concentration of powers with the finance ministry in the regulation of fiscal policy and monetary policy. 30mks.
b. What are the deficiencies in the Indian accounting system? What are the recommendations made by ARCII to overcome them? 30mks.

3. a. Explain the role of CGA (Controller General of Accounts). What is the difference between a CGA and CAG? 30mks
b. How is outcome budgeting an improvement over other budgetary practices in India? Is it suitable to fulfill the requirements of the current financial situation in India. 30mks

4. a. What are the new initiatives of the finance ministry to revive economic growth? Explain how the concept of 'fiscal consolidation' is a useful mechanism in this connection. 30mks
b. What are the ways in which the parliament can ensure financial accountability of the executive? 30mks.


  1. Can you pls post the keys also!

  2. Thanks for the question. Can you also share some questions for GS and History optional

  3. You are welcome Robin.
    For PubAd am just reproducing a test series I attended. Havent got any such resource for GS and History optional-so am sorry wont be able to do that.
    Good luck for the exam.

  4. hey I need help and i believe you can help me.
    In first question of deficit financing
    I started answer with"what is deficit financing in two lines" Then i wrote different ways in which deficit financing is done and after that pros and cons of excessive deficit financing and limitations required. ending with overall economic scenario in last 2 sentence. What I need to know that should i mention need of deficit financing(war finance,economic slowdown etc) after definition as i thought that is not asked in question. Need your opinion on this. hoping for reply

  5. Hi Robin,
    I think it would be a good idea to give the contemporary context of deficit financing in your intro only. You could write a line on India's current deficit situation, and emphasize the need to continue development spending which may increase the deficit. In the conclusion you can keep the overall economic scenario (include the global scenario). Also end by giving tips for the future in all your answers- they could be possible solutions, future challenges etc.
    Hope this helps.
    Good Luck for the exam.

  6. thank you very much :)